First Words

Mighty Girl (4yrs 9months) is definitely in a sensitive period for reading and writing. She is loving the phonics work at school and outside school is attempting to decode words wherever she sees them – menus, street names, books… She loves to play pretend cafe and takes food orders and writes them down – I’ve been trying to think of food that can be written phonically like “bun” but she tries everything. It is an exciting and interesting process to observe so I’m saving some of her early writing here for posterity, so she can look back at it later (and Destructo Girl’s when she gets to that sensitive period).

Cafe orders LHS: sausage and jacket potato; RHS: bun and ice cream

Apple; Teapot

Mummy (when she runs out of space, she writes the letters at the start or above); come to my [party]; from

Ice cream

Thank-you has been copied from a thank-you note, hence the different shaped letters to her usual style. “TK” was her first attempt, then she asked for something to copy from.

This was written entirely independently when at the craft station at school 🙂

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