Fiction Fridays #5: Two by Two and a half

Two by Two and a half: David Melling (2007)

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Extra info:
The very observant of readers may have gathered by now that I am a HUGE David Melling fan. I forgot it was friday so didn’t have a book in mind, so just went through the nearest pile of books to choose one. I nearly chose Meg and Mog, but it’s on my Six Books post. I almost chose The Train Ride (June Crebbin and Stephen Lambert, 1996); Handa’s Surprise (Eileen Browne, 1994); Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure (Kristina Stephenson, 2007) but it was Two by Two and a half that called to me today. The others will probably get a post another time 🙂

This is the story of children going for a walk and being scared by shadows and sounds until… Well, that would be telling. Repetition in the text makes the story flow well for even the very young. But what I really, really love is how the page preceeding the scary monster of the teacher’s imagination shows an ordinary object that is just the shape of the monster – tree branches become a lion’s face; a stump becomes a dragon etc. The story is also about how someone viewed as the smallest and most insignificant is important too. “Follow the leader, follow the path, two by two and a half…”

One response to “Fiction Fridays #5: Two by Two and a half

  1. That sounds like a fab book! I shall look out for that one! We also love Sir Charlie Stinky Socks – they are great books!

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