Fiction Fridays #11: Don’t Forget The Bacon!

Don’t Forget The Bacon!: Pat Hutchins (1976)

“Six farm eggs, a cake for tea, a pound of pears, and don’t forget the bacon.”

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Extra Info:
Whilst writing the post on Pat Hutchins, I searched online and was reminded of this book which I read when I was a child. So I just had to get it, especially as DG was showing a liking for her books in the first place…

The story starts with a mother sending her child to buy simple shopping list, which gets convoluted on the walk to the shops by the child as he gets distracted by things he sees on the way – “Six farm eggs” becomes “Six fat legs” becomes “Six clothes pegs” for example. The text is basically the list repeated and changed, so lots of repetition for easy remembering. The pictures really tell the story of how the boy is distracted trying to remember the list.

I remember finding the subsitutions funny when I was younger, and love getting to share this book with my daughters 🙂

One response to “Fiction Fridays #11: Don’t Forget The Bacon!

  1. This looks like a fab book! I love books from my childhood it brings back such lovely memories!

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