My name is Anne-Marie, and I have an addiction…

Indulge me while I give you a little tour of my bookshelves. Let’s start in the living room. Here we have two tall bookcases plus a Tidy Books bookcase. Oh, and then there are the piles of books on the floor too. There are some “grown up” books in here which mainly belong to DH (he also has more books not mentioned in this post), but I’ve boxed up most of my books and put them in the garage to make space for the children’s books.

I’ve had a bit of a reshuffle recently, the Tidy Books bookcase now has most of the non-fiction books in.

The tall bookcases (and piles on the floor) have reading schemes, chapter books, anthology books, more non-fiction books, board books (that sadly will have to find new homes sometime soon… Well most of them, not all, never!), grown-up books, and my most expensive purchase: 75 years of DC comics.

Now onto the less interesting piles stashed around the house. The kitchen has a teeny selection of travel, nature and cookery books that are rarely looked at. There’s a small pile of Time Life planet earth books in the hallway that I spent months trying to get hold of and then didn’t have anywhere to put them so in the hallway they stayed. The garage has at least three (huge) plastic boxes of books in storage as I’m not reading them at the moment so it makes more sense to have the children’s books taking over the house. Not in the garage because they’re in three open crates are books I kept from my childhood that are mainly too grown up for my girls as yet plus there’s no room for them anywhere either! Oh, and there’s a complete set of Mr Men books out in the garage that I also need to find space for in the house…

The master bedroom has a tall bookcase of my books. I moved a lot of books into the garage when I started collecting books on education (which I still haven’t read most of). Remaining are mainly near-complete collections of Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Iain (M) Banks and a shelf of graphic novels. My bedside table is precariously balanced, and also has my Kindle which is filled with another few hundred books! Oh, and there’s a coffee table covered in more children’s books, of course…

The girls’ bedroom has the bulk of the picture books. I used to have the Tidy Books bookcase in here but it wouldn’t fit them all so I changed it to this cube storage instead, but there’s still not enough room. For the curious, we have approximately 325 picture books. I count ‘picture books’ as having a single story per book (not anthologies / collections), not reading schemes, not first readers, not Disney / TV tie-ins (which to be fair, there aren’t that many of), not board books, not mini versions, not non-fiction! Also not counted the complete Mr Men or World of Peter Rabbit, or any not in the room while I was counting 😆

Just before MG was born I freecycled five boxes of books (mostly SF) to make space in the house plus sadly had to send a black sack full of books to the recycle due to water damage from being kept in the garage for so long (which is why everything is now in closed plastic boxes or indoors) and I’ve given at least 100 books to charity per year since then too…

I am a biblioholic. Anyone else want to join me?


ALL VISITORS shall show respect for the holy ground of this library by removing their shoes immediately upon entrance.
ALL PENS and other writing utensils shall be checked at the door.
BEFORE HANDLING a book, thou shalt cleanse thy hands in the bowl of rosewater provided at the door.
AFTER CLEANSING thy hands, thou shalt don a pair of the little plastic gloves also provided at the door.
THOU SHALT NOT GRAB a book by the top of the spine when removing it from the shelf. Rather, said book shall be handled as one handles a Ming Dynasty vase – with both hands.
THOU SHALT NOT BREATHE, spit, sneeze, cough, drool, or discharge sputum of any type in the direction of a book.
ALL WHO MARK a page by turning down a corner in any of these books, or even think about doing so, shall immediately be escorted to the guillotine in the garage.
ALL WHO WISH to turn pages in a book must use the specially made paper knives provided at the end of each stack.
ALL WHO WET their fingers to turn a page shall die a quick and immediate death by strangling.
YE WHO CREASE a spine shall immediately report to the owner of this library who shall crease thy skull.
Extract from Biblioholism: The Literary Addiction – Tom Raabe, 1992

11 responses to “Biblioholism

  1. My goodness that really is a collection isn’t it?? I thought we had a lot of books! Well actually we do! I love books and have always been a firm believer that you can never have too many, even in this digital age!

  2. Books….books…i love them! I can’t get enough! But I only buy ones I know will be read.
    My collection isn’t quite as extensive, or organised, as yours though.
    Loving the ten commandments too!

  3. Looks familiar… but how many do you have in your loo 😉

  4. This is just wonderful. We have huge amounts of books, though our children’s book collection is not as big as yours. We reckon 3000+ of our books – fiction and non-fiction, including foreign language titles – and probably 200-300 children’s books. Plus the girls almost always have the full 20 books out on each of their library cards!

    I am very tempted to do a photo post of our bookshelves, now.

    • Thank-you. And please do a bookshelf post, I think they’re really interesting! Children’s books probably outnumber other books in this household. I’m dreading when the children grow out of them, because I don’t think I ever will 😉

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  6. Wow! I’m jealous of all the bookshelf space. We have such a tiny house, so we have more little piles scattered in various rooms. My favorite thing to do with the kids is to have a thrift store and garage sale day where all we do is scout out new books. I’ve found so many interesting books that way that I never would have picked up on my own otherwise.

    • The books just take over the house, there’s no room for anything else 😉 I completely agree with you about the second hand / pre-loved books. We go to charity shops (which I think is exactly the same as a thrift store but my USA-UK translation skills are lacking!) and have some real gems from there for pennies.

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