Fiction Fridays on Pinterest

You can now find the collected Fiction Fridays posts on Pinterest. For those not in the know, Pinterest is an online pinboard, where you can curate sites and posts that interest you in a visual way. For a quick visual reference, it beats a list of bookmarks…

From now on, I plan to ‘pin’ every Fiction Friday post to this board. If I’ve missed any out already, please contact me (see email address in sidebar). If you don’t know what Fiction Fridays is, you’re missing out on a great meme. Read more about Fiction Fridays here. Like to take part? Read the rules and guidelines and get the badge here.


Huge thanks to @homedad for creating this meme, and for giving me the go-ahead to ‘curate’ 🙂

3 responses to “Fiction Fridays on Pinterest

  1. Brilliant idea! Well done you! It’s amazing to see how many we’ve all done and a good reminder of those we want to read!

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  3. Hi! I’m visiting from the LAB showcase. What a great idea! I really enjoyed looking at the pinboard and feel really inspired x

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