Happy International Book Giving Day!

Well, it was two days ago, but I’m only just writing this post! I think everyone behind International Book Giving Day deserves huge congratulations for all they have achieved in such a short time.

There is lots of information, links, ideas, videos and a link-up on the International Book Giving Day website.

What did I do? Well, just what I put on my previous post: I gave some cloth and board books to friends at a toddler group with children coming up to a year old – they didn’t ‘need’ books but every penny counts with small children so it always helps. I also took a bag of board books to my local Helen and Douglas House charity shop. I didn’t manage to leave any books at a different toddler group as planned but the push of International Book Giving Day made me pass on books that my girls had grown out of but probably would have sat on the shelves for months more!

Did I give all those That’s Not My… books away? No, I just couldn’t bring myself to! I kept five of them, but gave 9 other books instead so um, that’s okay? 😉

In December we gave a box of over 40 children’s non-fiction books to MG’s school where they were added to a huge container packed with school equipment for a primary school in Kenya. One of the family’s at MG’s school had spent several weeks over summer volunteering there and on their return got permission to strip an empty school of furniture and organised a shipping container to send this furniture plus books, clothes and other equipment to the school in Kenya.

So for this International Book Giving Day, we kept it local. But I really do think African book charities are especially deserving of support. This video is on the International Book Giving Day website but I also wanted to share it here:

Next year, I plan to have an even bigger book clearout. Looking forward to it!

2 responses to “Happy International Book Giving Day!

  1. Sounds like you had a great International Book Giving Day! It can be so hard letting go of books, even when you know you don’t “need” them any more – I’m speaking from experience! Yes, here’s to next year!

  2. Thank you for writing a couple great posts about International Book Giving Day! It is amazing how many books many of us have sitting around on our shelves that could find a better home.

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