Back to Work…

I’m going back to work tomorrow. Just for 6 weeks for about 20 hours a week, working around school days as much as I can. DG will be going back to the lovely local Montessori nursery and MG will go to after-school club there one day a week.

I’m so very lucky at the moment. Having taken voluntary redundancy last year, this is my second short stint back at work in the 9 months since leaving. I don’t think I could work permanently at the moment but 4-8 week part time contracts are brilliant to have – keep me with a toe in the working world and give me a break from full time parenting (which I am rubbish at) plus give the girls a change of scene. I even get to work from home most of the week.

I’m know I’m very lucky not having to work. We’re pretty fortunate with our outgoings and don’t go on holidays other than visiting family, or have new furniture, or have wallpaper still on the walls in some places, or smoke, or go out… I hate not working at all, I hate not having my own money so the time back at work gives me a little to myself again which is nice. But I don’t have to work while the children are young, and I never really enjoyed “going out” so I’m not complaining…

But it is so nice to have a change of scene every few months so this six weeks at work is a godsend for me. It’s also going to be a culture shock again, and as I tend to get overly stressed very easily I doubt I’ll be blogging much.

Now, I just need to get my head back into writing VBA and SQL code. And throwing a party for about 25 2-6 year olds. And taking my tenth driving test. Stress, stress… 😉

2 responses to “Back to Work…

  1. I’m sure you’re not rubbish at full time parenting! You may _feel_ like that but that certainly doesn’t mean you are! Good luck at work – hope you really enjoy it.

  2. So much good luck tomorrow – and over the next few weeks! I’m sure you’ll really get into the swing of it, and everyone will miss you at home while you’re away – always a good thing!

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