When I imagined having children, when I tried to imagine having children because thinking of actually having a baby just caused my brain to go blank, I only ever imagined the under-five bit.

I have six nieces and nephews, ranging from 18 months to 21 years old so I do know that children grow up, but still I only imagined my children being under-five.

But, today, Mighty Girl is five years old.


Five whole years.

Nope, I still can’t get my head around that.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, astute, beautiful, artistic, intelligent, articulate, fantastic and amazing first-born daughter.

Happy Birthday, Eleanor, I love you very much.

3 responses to “Five

  1. Happy Birthday Eleanor! She has a beautiful smile :O)

  2. My twins will turn six in two months, so I know how you feel! It’s even more unsettling to think that in one year from today, I’ll have to say that they’ll turn eight next year. I’m trying to cherish every day with them.

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