11 Questions, 11 Answers

I was tagged, erm… three (?) weeks ago by the lovely ScattyMumOfBoys for 11 Questions, 11 Answers. It’s the first time I’ve been tagged and I thought I’d have a go but somehow time has slipped away so here at last is my post!

The Rules:
*. You must post these rules
*. Each person must post 11 things about herself on their blog
*. Answer the questions the “tagger” listed for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
*. Choose 11 people to tag and link them to the post
*. Let each blogger know you’ve tagged them

11 things about me:
1. My daughters were born in the same hospital as I was.
2. I hated breastfeeding.
3. When I was 15 I had a measured IQ of 142 on the Wechsler Scale, but never did anything useful with it.
4. I don’t think IQ is a good measure of intelligence!
5. I’m 5’2″.
6. I’ve lived in Oxfordshire my entire life (except for term time for the three years I went to university).
7. I failed my first degree.
8. I think I might have Asperger’s or some form of high functioning Autism.
9. When I started Primary School I didn’t speak a single word at school for at least the first year, and I only whispered to people until I was nine.
10. I bit at least one teacher when I was five or six.
11. I’m very short-sighted and have worn glasses for 28 years.

11 Questions from Life, Love and Living with Boys:
1. Do you use real names in your blog for the real-life people who feature? E.g. I use Spud, Pooh Bear and Scatty Dad for my boys.
Generally, no. I use Mighty Girl (MG) and Destructo Girl (DG) and probably DH if I ever mention him! I have let their real names slip, but you have to look for them!
2. How long have you been blogging and why did you start your blog?
Depending how you look at it: two years, one year or seven months. I take it as seven months as that’s when I really first started. Because I wanted to, that’s the best reason isn’t it? 🙂
3. Facebook or Twitter?
4. Real friends or Cyber Friends?
Depends what for! Cyber friends can be real, true friends even if you haven’t met and real-life friends can be not true friends too…
5. Which is your favourite (or one of your favourite) blogs to read?
Probably Patch of Puddles, as it’s the blog I’ve consistently read the longest – about two years now. I tend to not have time to read everything I’d like so go through spurts of reading different blogs at different times.
6. Have you ever had a celeb tweet you?
Depends who you define as a celeb. To me, picture book authors and illustrators are ‘celebs’ and they’re very chatty. But real, tens/hundreds of thousands of followers type people, no. But I don’t tend to tweet to them either!
7. Peanut Butter – Smooth, Crunchy or not at all?
Yuck yuck yuck! Not at all.
8. Tea, milk first or after tea bag?
I rarely drink tea, so whatever is easiest at the time. I’m not a huge fan of hot drinks, never got the hang of them. I probably infuriate anyone I’ve been to meetings with: “Tea or coffee?” they ask; “A water would be lovely,” I reply…
9. I love enjoying a bit of crap tv I’m talking TOWIE, Big Brother and *clears throat and whispers* Geordie Shore (vile program but addictive) What’s your guilty pleasure as far as tv’s concerned?
At the moment, Young Dracula on CBBC. I love it. Oh, and CSI/NCIS if I’ve got TV background noise on in the evenings. I generally avoid all soaps, reality TV, quiz shows etc so am rubbish at ‘general knowledge’ questions because I haven’t got a clue what they’re about…
10. When did you last laugh until you cried?
I can’t remember.
11. How many of my 11 Bloggers do you think will actually get round to answering my 11 questions?
At least one? Um… Six? Of course, you’d probably given up on me 😉

I’m not going to tag anyone because I’m terrible at reading blogs consistently and have no idea who does/doesn’t like these games. Also it’s a bit like pyramid selling – the first person has to find 11 bloggers; those 11 have to find 121 bloggers; those 121 have to find 1,331 bloggers… It all falls apart quite quickly 🙂

However, if anyone reading this wants to have a go, here are my 11 questions (please link back, I’d love to read the answers):

1. If there were no constraints, what education would you want your children to have?
2. Again no constraints, which organisation would you be most likely to volunteer for?
3. What’s your favourite genre of book to read, for yourself? For your children?
4. At what age would you consider ‘letting’ your child have a tattoo or piercing, if at all?
5. Where in the world do you want to live?
6. Where in the world are you?
7. You’ve got 30 minutes all to yourself: no children, no housework. What are you doing?
8. Who are your five favourite children’s illustrators right now?
9. Did you have a favourite soft toy as a child? What was it called?
10. Montessori or Steiner?
11. Favourite cake?

3 responses to “11 Questions, 11 Answers

  1. I loved reading your ’11 things about you’ – so interesting! I pretty much guessed you were very clever – but would never have guessed you were a non-communicator when you were small. And I really liked what you said about cyber-friends being real friends too. I’ve been mulling over your 11 questions… it’s taking AGES but I’m nearly ready to post mine!
    xxx from your chatty picture book friend…

  2. I enjoyed reading your post too. I’m also very short and very short-sighted, although I’ve worn contact lenses for years. I’d happily answer, except I reserve my blog for poems and trying to put the answers in verse might be one challenge too far!

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