I [Heart] Martha Bunny

Martha and the Bunny Brothers: I Heart School by Clara Vulliamy is being published by Harper Collins on 29 March. I’m almost bursting with excitement about this book! Before Christmas, Clara posted patterns on her blog to make felt versions of Martha and her bunny brothers Pip and Monty. Then there’s been a fantastic series of behind-the-scenes creating a picture book for the next in the series I Heart Bedtime. And yet more felt bunny making… And to top it off, she’s coming to my home town to share more bunny crafts. So when I got this Martha Bunny picture in my inbox, I couldn’t wait to have a go decorating her myself.

I decided to do a collage Martha. First there was cutting the shapes (poor Martha!) Then choosing magazine pictures, felt, paper, ribbon and just the right buttons to go together…

Oh, yes, the children were in bed asleep at that point. I was testing it out for them to have a go. Honest. It wasn’t because the picture was too cute not to play myself… I used the template to cut felt and paper pieces that were big enough to make the clothes, and cut lengths of ribbon that were long enough to use as trim for the cardigan, dress and shoes if needed. I printed out two more copies of Martha and went to bed. The plan was that I’d present the girls with the project after school the next day.

But I left everything in sight, so bunny making happened at breakfast time instead. And it was so much fun that we might have been a teeny bit late for school… All in a good cause I think!

MG also decided to do a collage, and she traced around the templates I’d cut out to make the clothes: a felt dress and different colours on each side for the cardigan. She also complained that mine was boring because I didn’t colour in the bunny so she decorated Martha’s legs, hands and face too. Ribbons for ears and buttons for eyes, wonderful! My children are a lot more imaginative than I am.

DG chose small pieces of shiny paper to decorate her Martha and stuck those where she felt they needed to be. Then I opened the button box, and she had even more fun. What I find interesting is where the pictures of the buttons were, she chose to line her buttons up and the same with the eyes but everywhere else she was freestyle. She had a great time choosing her colours and sticking everything down.

Huge thanks to Clara for creating Martha, and to Rosi from Harper Collins for sending us the picture to decorate.

11 responses to “I [Heart] Martha Bunny

  1. You won’t be surprised to hear that I’m hopping up and down with delight to see these beautifully decorated Marthas! I think you have designed the perfect outfit for Martha in her next book (if you’ll allow me to borrow that prettily trimmed and buttoned cardy and rosy dress??).
    And your girls have triumphed! Actually, I think the pink and red cardigan needs to make an appearance too – and as for the buttons-for-eyes: that’s Martha in her PARTY MOOD!
    Thank you, you’ve made my week. x

  2. I really, really, really want that two tone red and pink cardigan…and am even contemplating accessorising with the blue gloves (although that may be too avant garde for suburban London). Bravo all- not least for crafts before breakfast- and look forward to meeting Martha properly in due course.

    • Thank-you! I don’t get much choice in doing crafts, the children take over and I start complaining about the mess but get overruled by how happy they are 😆

  3. Testing my cookies… loved the post too!

  4. Ah it worked!

  5. EVERYBODY is going to want one of those cardigans! I think MG has started a fashion craze.
    I like the idea of Zoe testing her cookies, as I’m also an expert in testing a cookie or two, but I’m worried I might have got the wrong end of the stick…

  6. YOu are seriously good for doing all that craft. *sighs* I really must get crafty with my kids this year

    • I have moments – mainly ones where I start screaming about the mess the house is in – but my eldest loves making things and drawing so she makes me try harder 🙂

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