Sleeping Like Babies

Neither MG or DG are particularly graceful at going to sleep. DG being younger is more likely to get so exhausted she just drops off anywhere. MG will suddenly become very hungry, thirsty, need the toilet and have to read ‘just two more books’…

On the plus side, both girls now sleep in their own beds all night long so we rarely have nights of musical beds anymore. They sleep quicker if someone stays in the room with them, this can get frustrating when there’s dinner to cook and a house to tidy and work to do and…

Tonight I took in my Kindle, I don’t know why I haven’t before. They like their bedside lamp to be so bright it was okay to read. DG muttered to herself until she snuggled up and drifted off. MG read out loud until she was gone too, still clutching her book. I got to read a few chapters of my book. Shhh… Sleep tight, small daughters of mine. I love you very much.

Note that both girls are clutching a tatty muslin. ‘Muzzies’ are the comforter of choice for the Chaos children, so no special toys to worry about losing. Phew…

Edit to add: I had an added extra treat this week when DG crawled onto my lap, snuggled into me and…

2 responses to “Sleeping Like Babies

  1. westendbaby

    Just stumbled across you in freshly pressed – gorgeous pictures. Love the Blog – especially your crafts page.

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