I want to be famous

A snippet of conversation from tonight’s bedtime chat, because it made me giggle. The opening line came totally out of the blue, we’d been talking about something completely unrelated…

MG: I want to be famous.

Me: What do you want to do that for? That’s not a good thing!

MG: What is famous?

Me: It’s when everyone knows who you are, and they go through your rubbish and you can’t walk out of your house without people taking photos of you.

MG: Oh. My. GOD. I want to do that!

Me: <does not understand five year olds>

[I honestly don’t mind what she becomes (within reason!) as long as she’s happy. I just don’t think encouraging a five year old to be ‘famous’ for famous sake is a good thing, hence my negative slant.]

Please add your thoughts below! Thank-you.

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