Fiction Fridays #28: Meg’s Eggs

Meg’s Eggs: Helen Nicoll & Jan Pienkowski (1972)

It was suppertime, so Meg got out her cauldron.

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Extra Info:
Meg and Mog is a book I loved from my childhood, and one I included in my Six Books posts. But the others in the series are also fantastic. I love Jan Pienkowski‘s art, and MG honed in on him as a favourite artist from a young age (along with Nick Sharratt and Lucy Cousins).

MG at 5 months old, with Meg’s Eggs

Meg’s Eggs is a favourite of both MG and DG, and has been for a long time. We used to have a board book version but it was loved into bits 😉 No wonder this one is a favourite, it has dinosaurs!

Meg makes a spell to get eggs for supper but the eggs are too big and they can’t open them, but then… There is one small thing that annoys me about this book: at the end Meg uses bacon and eggs to make a spell to save them from the dinosaurs, but if she already had bacon and eggs why didn’t they have that for supper?! 😆

A lovely book, another essential along with the original Meg and Mog. We have nine of the stories plus two ladybird books with stories from the animated series and all are well loved. The animated series is well worth getting too: five minute episodes so they’re good pre-bedtime treats (who am I kidding, my two sit and watch the entire DVD…) or to get five minutes peace. Made by Absolutely in 2004 the series is available on two DVDs for around £3 each, a complete bargain.

I’ve just realised that there are seven out of print Jan Pienkowski books available to read online here, including Owl at the Vet. The Jan Pienkowski books we own probably deserve a blog to themselves one day… 😉

6 responses to “Fiction Fridays #28: Meg’s Eggs

  1. Loved the Meg and Mog books as a kid too, and thankfully our local library has a good enough stock of ‘the classics’ to allow me to introduce them to my daughter. She does love Winnie Witch but I think secretly she wishes Winnie was a bit more like Meg.

    PS ace find on the out of print stuff! Will be browsing those with my daughter later on.

  2. My six year old and two year old both love that set of books! I love the fact that they are so simple and the colours and simple stories make them so appealing to little ones! Great choice

  3. jackiekatsianas

    I loved Meg and Mog as a child and one of my girls now loves them too. She only has one book currently (the Halloween one) but I’ll get her more. Lovely post and pictures 🙂

  4. These books are absolute tops with the kids I read with with VRH. Incredibly supportive and fun early readers- thanks for the download tip off cos we were running out.

  5. We love Meg and Mog too. And having just come back from a holiday on the Isle of Wight with plenty of dinosaur and fossil activities, it’s a shame “our” copy is actually to be found on the grandparents’ bookshelves a few hundred miles away!

  6. Thank-you all for the lovely comments! Obviously a well loved choice. Meg and Mog are an essential part of childhood IMO 😉

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