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BigJigs Pink Flower Kitchenware Set and Tin Tea Set

Merry from Patch of Puddles and PlayMerrily has a competition on at the moment to win a BigJigs picnic plus runners-up prizes for every 50 likes on the PlayMerrily Facebook page. The competition is open until midnight 30th April. MG … Continue reading

BigJigs Roadway Zebra Crossing Set

When Merry from Patch of Puddles put out a Twitter call for reviewers for Manhattan Toy products, I jumped at the chance before remembering that actually I don’t have any children young enough any more… However Merry also offered products … Continue reading

Bigjigs Wooden Roadway

Wooden railway sets are fantastic – there are so many different shaped track pieces, practically all the different brands are compatible with each other and there are accessories to fit every budget – from stations and engine sheds to shipping … Continue reading

BigJigs Wooden Eggs

[Written: December 2010] Quick review: There’s not a huge amount to add to the description above for these eggs. On the one hand, yes, they are just six wooden eggs. On the other: they’re realistic so appeal to children more, … Continue reading

BigJigs Rail Mini Track

[Written: September 2010] This is a great pack to add to a wooden railway system. When making large track layouts, there are often times where you end up with two innie or two outie connectors next to each other that … Continue reading

BigJigs Shipping Container Yard (for Wooden Railway)

[Written: September 2010] Background: I have two daughters, aged 3.5 years and 15 months. They have a variety of wooden railway pieces – no big sets but various smaller sets, buildings, trains and accessories from the four main toy wooden … Continue reading

BigJigs Rail – Village Station

[Written: September 2010] I really want to like this Village Station. Actually, I do really like it but when my daughters are playing with their wooden railway this often gets left in the box. It may be because they are … Continue reading

BigJigs Colour Puzzle Set 1

[Written: September 2010] There are three other sets in this series – another colours set and two shapes sets. “Colour Set 1” is the set that we have, but it’s a matter of preference as to which of them to … Continue reading

BigJigs Shape Matching Board

[Written: September 2009] I would recommend this as the one “must-have” toy from a few months old, probably up to primary school. I have 2 daughters, 2.5 years and 3 months. The eldest has been playing with this since she … Continue reading