I am a 30-mumble stay-at-home mum of two small monsters girl children, living in Oxfordshire UK. This blog is mainly a mixture of documenting fun activities with my daughters; ramblings about education and mental health; and reviews of toys and books.

I am passionate about education and over time have developed a non-mainstream view of what education should be. I am an advocate of Montessori principles and was in the fortunate position that my girls went to Montessori day care when I went out to work. I’ve been interested in home education for a number of years and consider it a very viable alternative to school. Currently my eldest is at the local state primary and the youngest will go when old enough, but who knows what the future holds…

Work-wise I was a database applications developer (I played with databases / T-SQL / VBA) but was made redundant May 2011 with the public sector cuts (although I’ve gone back for a couple of projects since to keep in practice). In the future I don’t know what I want to do: go back to playing with computers, or retrain and play with children instead 🙂

I am also a bit of a book addict, and have rediscovered my love of picture books with having children (although, to be honest, I never really lost it!)

Note on reviews: Most reviews are for items I’ve purchased and chosen to write about. Where I’ve been fortunate to be sent something, I will state this in the review.

[January 2012]

MAD Blog Awards 2012

TOTS 100 - UK Parent Blogs

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