Book Blogs

Children’s* Book Bloggers (where most or all of blog is about children’s books)
The App Puppy (apps)
The Book Sniffer
The Budding Bookworm
CAppTivated Kids (apps)
The Cat’s Rrar
Childtastic Books
Delightful Children’s Books
Did You Ever Stop To Think…?
Library Mice
The Little Wooden Horse
Playing by the Book
Read It Daddy

Fiction Fridays Bloggers
The Daily Mum
Menai Newbold
Mummy Musings
A Mummy’s View
Stressy Mummy
A Strong Coffee
Working Through It
Fiction Fridays Pinterest

Children’s* Book Illustrators and Authors Blogs**
see here, plus not yet listed:
Leigh Hodgkinson
Curtis Jobling
James Mayhew
Liz Pichon
Chris Priestley
Louie Stowell
Picture Book Den

* I’m mainly focussing on picture books, but not exclusively
** Blogs only, not websites, although many also have websites and there are lots of other author/illustrator websites without blogs…

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