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Fiction Fridays #17: Uncle Alonzo’s Beard

Uncle Alonzo’s Beard: Emma King-Farlow & Anna Laura Cantone (2006)

My Uncle Alonzo, who’s really quite weird, often found people asleep in his beard…

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Extra Info:
My girls are very lucky with their books, this is another one that they have signed to them! One day I’ll count up the signed books and probably be very surprised by how many we have…

Uncle Alonzo is told in rhyme and therefore fun and bouncy to read to children. It tells the story of Alonzo who cannot cut his extremely long beard because so many tiny people had set up home in it. But one day, there’s a fire, and things have to change… Happily Alonzo finds out that his friends like him for who he is not just for the home his beard offered them.

The pictures are lovely and perfectly suit the oddness of Alonzo, along with text that changes size and rarely sits straight on the page. This is a very funny book that should cause lots of giggles.