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Happy Birthday, Child-Led Chaos Blog

A year ago today, I posted the first entry to this blog: Here Be Dragons

And then I didn’t do anything about blogging until the end of July… So really, I only started blogging seven months ago. That’s when I set up a GMail address, joined Twitter and decided that I’d start documenting some of the activities I did actually do with my children, attempts at creating a Montessori-inspired environment and being Child-Led. At some point, picture books took over instead 😆

I was going to do a ‘blog’ post, on what I’ve learnt. But, fortunately for you, I haven’t! In summary, I’ve learnt that there are a lot of lovely people out there who work really hard creating interesting, creative and consistent content and who answer queries, chat and still manage to raise children, do other jobs, deal with disabilities, financial difficulties, grief and still blog and chat and help others.

Parent bloggers, you’re fantastic. Thank-you for inspiring, encouraging and supporting.

Happy Birthday, blog. You’ve been fun, here’s to the next year.