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I am extremely introverted.

I’m also shy and socially anxious, but that’s a separate issue. It’s possible to be extroverted and shy; or introverted and a social hub. Introversion is about drawing energy from yourself, rather than from others.

In population terms 75% of the world’s population are extroverted and 25% are introverted. This means that pretty much everything is designed with extroversion in mind. This is probably one of the reasons I have a non-mainstream view of education: everyone is different, one size does not fit all, personality types are important.

Being extremely introverted, one of the things I need most of all is to be able to recharge after social contact. Any social contact. This makes being a parent of small children very hard. Sometimes I have a deep almost-physical need to be entirely alone. Sleeping doesn’t count. Small children have a deep almost-physical need to climb all over their parents and be hugged and near someone 24/7.

I love my children. I adore my children. I think they are amazing and interesting people. But I need that time. Alone. Away from all people. Just me, myself and I alone (actually that’s a bit crowded too…) Shut up with a book or computer. Just time to recharge, draw my internal energy and be able to get on with life again.

What personality type are you? There are online tests (google for Myers-Briggs), and the result might be surprising. Be kind to yourself, if you need that time to recharge, try to take it.