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Fiction Fridays #4: Badger’s Parting Gifts

Badger’s Parting Gifts: Susan Varley (1984)

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Extra info:
Today is one year since my dad died of pancreatic cancer. He was 75 but he only survived 27 days after diagnosis so it was a huge shock. I bought this book to help MG, then 3-years old, understand what was happening (DG was 18 months so too young to understand, although affected by the atmosphere of course).

I cannot read Badger’s Parting Gifts without crying. It is a beautiful book about loss and remembering loved ones once they’re gone. I think it helped me more than the girls, who were too young to do anything but accept the events in a matter of fact way, but it gave us a starting point to talk about loss. A must-own book in my opinion, beautiful and so very sad.