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Favourite Author/Illustrator: Pat Hutchins

I’ve only just realised that DG likes books by Pat Hutchins, mainly because I didn’t realise that all the books were by her! We have four of her books and I’m often asked to read them over (and over) again…

This is one of the books I remember from my childhood and bought for DG because she is a Titch 🙂 I am the youngest of five children so I liked this book when I was younger because I could relate. It’s true for poor DG too – MG has the bigger bike, the more complex toys and is told all the time “You’re too small for that”; “Wait until you’re bigger”. She is on the small side and we may have babied her a touch. But she lets us know that she’s having none of it anymore, and I think this book appeals to her because she can relate to Titch. There are several other Titch books, and apparently there was a TV show too which I’ve never seen and am now wondering if it’s worth looking for!

Rosie’s Walk
We have the mini book version of this and I must invest in a full size copy at some point in order to see the artwork more. This is possibly the most well known of Pat Hutchins’ books. This is a book where the pictures are the biggest part of the story (another reason it needs a bigger version :lol:) as the text tells a very simple tale, but the pictures tell far more. There is a lot of humour in this story so it appeals to DG and she likes to point out what’s happening to the poor fox while Rosie the hen takes her walk round the farm.

One-eyed Jake
This is another charity shop find and it called to my subconcious because I’m sure I must have read it as a child but can’t quite remember. DG seems to love stories of pirates so this one gets requested often “Pirates!” This is a more complex story probably aimed at older children (older than 2.5 that is) about a mean old pirate. The pictures are packed with lots of detail which is what I think appeals most to DG. That and the fact it’s pirates! What is it with small children and pirates?!

We’re Going On A Picnic
This is the most recent addition to our Pat Hutchins collection, and the point when I realised we had four of them! This is another tale where the pictures tell more of the story. Hen, Duck and Goose are searching for the perfect place for a picnic – but what are Mouse, Squirrel and Rabbit up to, and where has all the picnic food gone? This has some wonderful repetition (“Hen picked some berries (because Hen liked berries best)…” which is great for toddlers and there is the story to be noticed in the pictures and discussion wondering what will happen at the end of the story. I think this one is my favourite, it’s a lovely one to read aloud because of the repetition and the pictures are wonderful.

Since writing this post (and not actually posting it…), I bought Don’t Forget The Bacon, which I found on searching for Pat Hutchins online and remembering it from my childhood. It’s my Fiction Fridays choice for week 11, but any of these books could have been chosen.