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I love birds of prey. There is just something about the power and beauty that they possess. The look of intelligence in their bright eyes, their lethal claws and beak. We’re very fortunate in where we live that there are three or four red kites nesting somewhere in the near vicinity and you usually see at least one of them every day. I often stop and just stare at the sky, watching them circling above. If I’m very lucky, they’ll be as low as roof height. Once I was just 100m away when one swooped for some road kill (annoyingly I was searching for my camera at the time and only saw it out of the corner of my eye!)

When we got married, almost seven years ago, we chose a country house hotel for the reception which we fell in love with for so many reasons (it really is a perfect place to get married) but an added bonus was that they also had falcons and we got to have a falconry display – far better than a disco in my opinion 😆

Last weekend there was a local craft fair, and just outside the entrance was an Owl Rescue stand where you could hold an owl. The ones we held were Sonny the barn owl and Jack the eagle owl (the links are to photos I found online from the sanctuary they were from). Sonny was incredibly tame, he used to have an elderly owner who sadly died and he was used to company and watching TV! He loved being stroked and he was the owl they always used with children.

DG with Sonny

MG with Sonny

MG was feeling nervous that day, but did try to hold Sonny. I’d seen the owls two days before with DG while MG was at school so although DG didn’t want to hold an owl the first day, this time she knew what to expect and was delighted with Sonny. The people who ran the sanctuary were fantastic with the children and the children were fantastic with the owls. A lovely experience, and one I hope we get to repeat.

Me with Jack. Prior to this DG had been on my shoulders running sticky fingers through my hair!