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Rubbabu Magnetic Alphabet

[Written: January 2011]

Rubbabu toys are a sensory experience, they are “squishy” but hard wearing, very playable and also cuddle-able. We have the upper case magnetic alphabet letters from Rubabbu, but this review probably covers the lower case letters and numbers as well.

Small children learn with all of their senses and I believe that it’s good to give them the tools to experience, experiment and discover in order to cement their understanding. Which is one of the reasons I love these letters – they are a touchy-feely experience of the shape of letters. They’re big enough to be hugged by small children, and you do just want to hug them. They can be sorted by colours (vowels are all the same colour), put in alphabetical order, used to make small words (although this is just one alphabet so you’re limited to what you can spell with them) but aside from all that, they are fun! They’re attractive so will be pulled off the shelf and played with in all sorts of ways whilst surreptitiously cementing the alphabet shapes into your child’s mind (you can add in the sounds if you get your child’s attention!)

These are magnetic, but we have them in a tub in the play area rather than on a magnetic surface (the fridge is covered with artwork held on by small plastic magnetic letters and numbers so there’s no room for these) They are very eye-catching on white goods in the kitchen as well though, and are a lot harder to lose compared to small plastic letters. The colours are vibrant and just cry out to be played with.

My daughters are 19 months and almost four years old. The 19 month old does try to chew these but she does that with everything 😉 My older daughter got these for her 2nd birthday and has played with them in many different ways, now recognising the letters.