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Sleeping Like Babies

Neither MG or DG are particularly graceful at going to sleep. DG being younger is more likely to get so exhausted she just drops off anywhere. MG will suddenly become very hungry, thirsty, need the toilet and have to read ‘just two more books’…

On the plus side, both girls now sleep in their own beds all night long so we rarely have nights of musical beds anymore. They sleep quicker if someone stays in the room with them, this can get frustrating when there’s dinner to cook and a house to tidy and work to do and…

Tonight I took in my Kindle, I don’t know why I haven’t before. They like their bedside lamp to be so bright it was okay to read. DG muttered to herself until she snuggled up and drifted off. MG read out loud until she was gone too, still clutching her book. I got to read a few chapters of my book. Shhh… Sleep tight, small daughters of mine. I love you very much.

Note that both girls are clutching a tatty muslin. ‘Muzzies’ are the comforter of choice for the Chaos children, so no special toys to worry about losing. Phew…

Edit to add: I had an added extra treat this week when DG crawled onto my lap, snuggled into me and…

Musical Beds

Writing anything has very much taken a back seat this week due to lack of sleep. A typical night goes some thing like this:

1800: Mention to girls it’s an hour until bedtime
1830: Start getting pyjamas and night nappies ready
1900: Read 4 or 5 stories while girls brush teeth, rebrush girls teeth
1920: Read another few stories
1930: Tucked up in own beds, black-out curtains tight, night light on, try to leave room
1931: Girls scream, go back to settle them, lie on end of bed until they’re nearly asleep
1950: Try to leave room, girls scream…
2000: Give up and put them in our bed
2003: Girls asleep, leave them; do finances, dishes, clothes, tidy toys, watch TV, read…
2200: Carry sleeping girls back to their own beds
2205: Girls scream, lie at end of bed until they sleep again
2230: Sneak out of room and go to bed
2300: Girls climb into our bed
2330: Carry sleeping girls back to their own beds
0000: Girls climb into our bed
0001: Mummy leaves parent bed and tries to sleep in MG’s bed
0010: Girls climb into MG’s bed. Three in a single bed not much fun…
0100: Mummy sneaks back to own bed
0105: Girls climb into our bed
0106: Daddy leaves parent bed and tries to sleep in MG’s bed
0200: Girls fidget too much in their sleep, return them to own beds. This time they’re so asleep they stay there
0430: MG wakes up screaming about ‘ladybird spiders’ – calm her down
0530: Return to own bed
0600: DG climbs into our bed and bounces on our heads
0610: Convince DG to sleep again, there’s no way we’re getting up
0630: MG climbs into our bed
0700: Girls wake up, try to wake Mummy and Daddy up but can’t; go downstairs and get own milk and breakfast
0900: Mummy and Daddy wake to wrecked house; Daddy is late for work; both are grumpy all day; Mummy and Daddy argue about who had the least sleep; Girls are grumpy because they didn’t sleep enough…

So we’ve been trying a few routines to try to get them to stay in their own beds. A quick fix would be nice, but we’ll just have to persevere 😆

So angelic when they’re actually asleep 🙂 Comments welcome on your own sleep troubles and solutions!