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Fiction Fridays #2: The Ghost Library

The Ghost Library - David MellingFF#2
The Ghost Library: David Melling (2004)

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Extra info:
I am a huge fan of David Melling and think we probably have most of his books! It was difficult to chose one to start with but The Ghost Library called to me this time. Yes, we have two copies of it. Actually, three copies. But two are for presents when the next birthday party invite comes along, I collect hardback picture books when I find them on offer to give for presents – books I we all like of course! 😉

The Ghost Library is a book about enjoying books and stories, and of making up your own stories. It involves effort on the part of the reader as there are two sections where the story is told in pictures so you have to make it up while you read it. There is one gigantic flap to show the tall tower where the library is (I would love to have that many book shelves!) and it’s like getting three stories in one with the stories within the story – these are drawn in different styles too so the book maintains interest on all sorts of levels – it has ghosts and witches and a little girl and books so is completely non gender-stereotyped too, in my opinion.

My girls love the books I’m choosing too, of course. Here we all are enjoying The Kiss That Missed trilogy when the girls were a bit younger: