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Fiction Fridays #14: There Are Cats in This Book

There Are Cats in This Book: Viviane Schwarz (2008)

The cats aren’t on this page.

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Extra Info:
I’ve been trying to think of how to review this book but I really think that you just have to get a copy. Seriously, every home should have this on their bookshelves. It’s such fun. I was hooked by the first page: “The cats aren’t on this page.” And the second page made me giggle even more…

It’s a book written such that it talks to the reader (or to the person being read to): “Hello. Who are you? Are you nice? You look nice.” The cats talk you through the book, getting excited at what they spy on the pages ahead.

But what’s so utterly fantastic about this book is that the pages are different shapes and sizes – you can see the next page from a cut off corner, there are cat-shaped pages, a ball of wool mini page so it looks like one cat has thrown the ball, and more and more…

“Turn the page! What are you waiting for?!” says André. “Buy or borrow this book! What are you waiting for?!” say I!

To see how fantastic this book is, you can find a video of Viviane Schwarz reading There Are Cats in This Book on her website. She is also supporting International Book Giving Day; you can download exclusively designed bookplates here.