Too Many Books?

This is an attempt to catalogue all the children’s books (especially picture books) that we own and link to any online presence for the author/illustrator and any reviews on this blog.

It will be added to over time until it’s either complete or I decide not to continue. Number of books listed as at 08/06/2012: 257

Allan Ahlberg
Janet Ahlberg
Jez Alborough WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebook
Giles Andreae
Russell Ayto
Emma Chichester Clark BlogTwitter
Julia Donaldson – Website
Jonny Duddle  BlogFacebook
Emily Gravett Website
Caryl Hart BlogTwitter
Sue Hendra
Shirley Hughes
Pat Hutchins
Bruce Ingman Website
Judith Kerr
Sarah McIntyre WebsiteBlogTwitter
Colin McNaughton
David Melling WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebook
Lydia Monks BlogTwitter
Hiyawyn Oram Twitter
Laura Owen WebsiteBlog
Guy Parker-Rees WebsiteTwitter
Korky Paul WebsiteTwitter
Liz Pichon WebsiteBlogTwitter
Catherine Rayner WebsiteTwitter
David Roberts
Gillian Rogerson WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebook
Michael Rosen WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebook
Axel Scheffler
Nick Sharatt Website
Niamh Sharkey WebsiteBlogTwitter
Alex T. Smith BlogTwitter
Kristina Stephenson
Valerie Thomas
Kaye Umansky WebsiteBlog
Clara Vulliamy WebsiteBlogTwitter
Sarah Warburton BlogTwitter
Jeanne Willis Website
Jacqueline Wilson WebsiteTwitter
David Wojtowycz
Chris Wormell Website
Jane Yolen WebsiteBlog

Key to Abbreviations
HB = Hardback; PB = Paperback; BB = Board Book; MB = Mini Book; LB = roughly the size of a ‘Ladybird’ book i.e. not a mini book but smaller format; CD = includes CD or DVD; CB = Chapter Book; PA = Poetry Anthology; NF = Non-Fiction; 2H = Bought 2nd Hand; SA = Signed by Author; SI = Signed by Illustrator; SB = Signed by Author & Illustrator; DM = Dedicated to MG; DD = Dedicated to DG; DB = Dedicated to MG and DG; DX = Dedicated to Mummy

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